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Looking for a beautiful piece of art for your home? Love painted glass? Need a meaningful gift for a friend? Then you have landed in the right place.
Melissa Marie Artistry officially started in 2014. However, I have been painting since I was a little girl, beginning around the age of 12. I had a natural talent for it and fell in love. I once had a teacher tell me I wasn’t good – shame on them – and thankfully I didn’t listen! My parents encouraged my craft and instilled in me a love for both watercolors and nature scenes.


In college, I studied graphic design and obtained an associates degree. I dabbled in the field, but knew in my heart that art was what I wanted to do. I began trying several different mediums for the fun of it and soon discovered glass painting. Initially it was a challenge and a learning curve for me, but I quickly fell in love. And so my tiny dream of a business began. I now use my graphic design skills for screen printing t-shirts and have taught myself the process of sublimation.

Are you seeking a custom piece? Is there a part of nature that you love and haven’t found in the art world? Reach out. We can discuss it and I can come up with some ideas for you. Looking to have a photo of your favorite furry friend painted on glass? I can do that too.

I am an avid hiker and backpacker exploring anywhere from the Appalachian trail to the great UP of Michigan. I have a love for travel, experiencing the world while immersed in its rawest form, nature.

Our universe is awesome – I often stop and take pause at just how wondrous it all is. It is the most inspiring root of all my art and I try to capture as much of it as I can. As a traveling artist, I carry what I can to paint “in the moment.” While at my homestead, I use pictures I have taken during my travels as inspiration.

Traveling and my love for Jesus has brought on my newest passion: designing t -shirts. What we wear greatly symbolizes who we are. Melissa Marie Artistry t-shirts are nature themed, fun, and speak truth to our souls. I am beyond ecstatic to embark on this journey.

I am thankful for both God and family and put them first, for they are encouraging and supportive.

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Thanks to God first
and foremost to my family
who are both encouraging and supportive!